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The international fur products company of Qom was registered by the investors of China in 1394 in Salafchegan Special Economic Zone in Qom province. Considering the previous experiences of its investors in the field of manufacturing aluminum composite sheets, considering the boom and dynamics of the construction market in Iran and the Middle East, the product line has been exploited after three months. Currently, the production line of the factory is able to produce aluminum composite sheets of various thicknesses in 60 different colors of the world market with various chemical compositions such as POLYESTER, DOUBLE POLYESER SIHINE, PVDF, PVDF SHINE DOUBLE POLYESER, and SPECIAL with two brands ALUMEI PEAK and ALUTOK and with unlimited capacity.
The product is made of flexible, unbreakable polyethylene, as well as aluminum-colored sheets of various thicknesses, which are the most prestigious aluminum color sheet production plant from China, and are available to the factory’s product line. The internationally renowned Frostouz Qom International Appliance Company has made it possible for respectable buyers, with any color, thickness and technical specifications, to order their product and after producing the raw materials desired by the vendors to produce To make
Thanks to the Lord and in order to expand the various dimensions of production, in 1936, another factory in the form of steel tubes and steel cans with different grades were also used as the first and only producer of steel tubes and cans in Iran with the brand YEACHO Has been eaten.
In addition to obtaining the ISO9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2004, OHSAS 18001: 2007, CE certification, the product has been used up to date, robust and efficient technology and know-how. Due to the company’s sensitivity to producing high quality products and satisfaction of its customers, the company replaces all its products with respect to the selection of respectable customers. It should also be noted that all products manufactured at the factory have a 100% compliance with the standards of standards provided in various laboratories and international certifications. In this regard, the company is ready to send a sample of the product to the lab intended buyers.
The sales and marketing department of Forouzan Sarband Qom International Appliances Co., after having exported to Asia and Africa, has been able to export its products to Azerbaijan, Tanzania and Turkey and is currently exporting to Iraq, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan are also in talks. In this regard, due to the policy of market penetration and satisfaction of customers from different aspects while maintaining the optimal quality, prices have been priced so that dear customers can buy at a lower price than other competitors to buy.


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